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Where there’s a will…

By Laura Kyte
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  • …there is an opportunity to make a difference!

    Making a will is not something that comes up in everyday conversation, yet it is one of the most important things we could do in life. This precious piece of paper ensures that your desires for the future are respected and fulfilled. Making a will is, in fact, an opportunity to make one of the biggest impacts on the people and causes that you most care about.

    Because of this, we have partnered with ‘Make a Will Online’ (MAWO) to offer our supporters the possibility to make an online will for free. We see this as a way to encourage anyone who is considering writing a will to ensure that their wishes for the future are legally binding, made easier thanks to the facilitation of an online platform.

    Laura, part of Interserve GBI’s staff team, shares: ‘I was beginning to understand the importance of having a will in place sooner rather than later, even if I need to make changes in the future. I wanted peace of mind knowing that I had one done.

    Admittedly, I had some reservations about making a will online, wondering if I would understand all the jargon on my own! It was refreshingly straightforward, as everything was explained along the way. I could take things at my own pace, and so had time to reflect and come back to the document when I was ready.

    I had the option to leave a gift to Interserve, and also the option to let them know if I had done. I have deliberately said option twice, because it really was up to me; there was no obligation to share this, or even any expectation that I make this decision.’

    If you are interested in knowing more, or have questions, you can visit this page:

    Make an impact for generations to come – leave a gift to Interserve in your will – Interserve

    Similarly, Make a Will Online have their own FAQ page here: FAQ – Make a Will Online

    And of course, you are welcome to get in touch with us at any point.

    Even more options

    Although Interserve offer the opportunity to make an online will for free, we appreciate that some may wish to contribute towards the cost. In this case, you can head to our Make a donation to Interserve – Interserve page and select ‘Make a Will Online’ from the drop-down box so we know why this donation has come in. We believe that providing this service is a valid investment in our Interserve community, given the significant role that gifts in wills play in enabling God’s work through Interserve to continue into the future.

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