Loving, Serving, Going…

Seeking transformation amongst the peoples of Asia & the Arab World through encounter with Jesus, wherever they may be.
Opportunities to Serve

Our community serves alongside the Church in nations across Asia & the Arab World, in Great Britain & Ireland and in other locations where there is opportunity to disciple Asian & Arab peoples.

Some serve long-term, others for a shorter time, some connect with us through their volunteering or as a consultant – there’s so much flexibility to join our community in the way that God is calling you to.

You don’t need to be a professional to get involved. God calls people from all walks of life and everyone can have a part to play in God’s redeeming work in the world.

Through Jesus, we seek to bring meaningful, lasting transformation in the lives of those with whom we work. This can be; starting a business, working in medicine, ministering to refugees, assisting immigrants with language classes, teaching and so much more.

Do you hear the same call from God to seek fullness of life for the peoples of Asia & the Arab World?

I hear the call to join in with what God is doing in...

Our international team serves in businesses, schools, development projects, hospitals and much more; sharing God’s love in some of the neediest places on the planet.

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We have a large team who share God’s love with the peoples of Asia & the Arab World in Great Britain & Ireland. Could you join them?

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Our community is pioneering work, in partnership with others, in continental Europe, Latin America and Australasia among other places.

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Long Term Opportunities

Invest long term in a community to bring about lasting transformation through encounter with Jesus

Short Term Opportunities

Take a shorter amount of time using your skills to make a difference locally and globally.


Experience mission, grow in your professional skills and go deeper with God over an 11 month programme.

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