Long Term

God’s story of restoration in the world cannot happen overnight.

Lasting impact comes through extended investment in lives and communities. This is why God calls some people to serve long term (2 Years+) as part of an international, inter-cultural community.

There are many different ways that people serve to suit their situations. Some raise support and serve full-time, while others volunteer or serve alongside another occupation.

Opportunities to serve

There are opportunities for almost anyone to serve. We serve as Teachers, Operations Managers, Midwives, in friendship-building, sports coaches, serving the homeless, in maintenance, working with people who have been trafficked, IT technicians, counsellors, creation care, fundraising, media communications, vets – the list goes on!

You bring your skills and experience and we will discern together what God is calling you to and where He is placing you.


Join an international community following Jesus’ call to use their skills and experience to bring transformation to the peoples of Asia & the Arab World, wherever they are.


How it works

  • Contact our long-term team to set up one or more initial conversations with you to explore what and where God may be calling you to, find out about your skills and experience and answer any questions you have.
  • Apply to be a long-term Partner, this involves completion of an application form, references, on-going conversations and interviews.
  • Conversations with your church
  • Explore with our long-term team where you could go and what you could do.
  • Training, preparation and orientation. (This can take 6-12 months)
  • Build your prayer and financial support network.
  • Time to serve. Join one of our Country Teams and share God’s love through your words and actions amongst those whom God has called you.
  • As you serve, you will be supported by our National Office team and the Country Team to which you belong.

Find out more

For the full details of the process, how we help you and what’s required of you, download our Long Term Enquirers Handbook