Create an online will with Interserve and make an impact for generations to come

Thank you for considering Interserve as a cause close to your heart. If you choose to leave a gift in your will to Interserve, your decision will impact lives and communities for generations to come as God continues to work out His plans and purposes across the nations.

Making a will online is a relatively new but increasingly popular way of ensuring that your wishes will be carried out.   

Did you know that two thirds of adults don’t have a will in place at all? Writing one online will give you the peace of mind that your loved ones and the causes you care about are remembered, ensuring that your life continues to make a difference even into the future.   

You can make a free will by clicking the button below. During the process, you will also be offered access to Capacity Vault, a service that protects the wishes in your will at no extra charge; you can also find out more information about that here.

See a solicitor if…

Make sure they use our full charity details which include:

  • Interserve’s full name: “International Service Fellowship Trust”
  • Our charity number: 1020758
  • Our registered address: 652 Alum Rock Road, BIRMINGHAM, B8 3NS

Your data

If you make a will online through Interserve and decide to leave a gift to us, you will have the option to keep this choice anonymous, or allow your decision and contact details to be shared with us. When you opt to share, we will keep your information strictly confidential in line with our privacy policy, but would like to take the opportunity to get in touch with you to say thank you and get to know you better if you are comfortable with this. Another option you have is to use this link to make a will online which automatically keeps you anonymous if you prefer; the choice is yours and we respect that decisions about gifts in wills are completely personal to you.

Still have questions? Take a look at Make A Will Online’s frequently asked questions and feel free to get in touch with them or us at any point.

The decision is ultimately yours and whichever way you might choose to remember us, we are so grateful that you are choosing to do something incredible.  Thank you!