What is Capacity Vault and why do I need it?

Capacity Vault is a new way to protect your legacy specifically for wills written online. Previously the only reliable method to record your mental capacity was to see a solicitor every time you made a will. For the elderly, poorly and those with dementia-related diagnoses, this was very expensive.

What is Testamentary Capacity?

Testamentary Capacity (also “Mental Capacity or just “Capacity”) is whether you know what you are doing when you make your will. If you do not have capacity, this invalidates your will. Tests for capacity are a legal requirement.

Capacity Vault allows you to make a recording that is kept forever. The recording is stamped with a unique tamper-proof and legally verifiable code. If your will is challenged, we provide verifiable copies of the original to the court along with all the necessary oaths, declarations and paperwork the court needs to use the recording as evidence.

Capacity Vault is available for every supporter who uses Make a Will Online. It will significantly reduce the risk of your will being challenged for lack of capacity, which in turn greatly reduces the time and cost of administering gifts in wills, for all concerned.