Once you have taken care of your loved ones, you may be thinking about the causes close to your heart and how you can help through leaving a gift in your will.

Thank you for considering Interserve as one of these causes, and for your desire to see lives transformed through encounter with Jesus Christ for generations to come!

How do I make a will?

Writing a will isn’t necessarily something to leave for later. It can be done any time and the sooner the better. You may already have a local, trusted solicitor that can advise you on how to proceed. If not, you can search on the Lawyer’s Christian Fellowship website to find a Christian lawyer or Christian law firms.

***We have partnered with Make a Will Online to offer you a FREE will-writing service when you make your will online. If you are interested in this, find out more here.***

It is always recommended that you seek professional advice; we are unable to offer this but would be happy to chat and will aim to point you in the right direction.

The difference it makes

“Elizabeth and I are convinced that God’s international purposes for all nations lies at the very heart of the Bible. God is longing for his gift of abundant and eternal life to reach out to the multitudes of all nations and we want our lives to be dedicated to the Lord in mission. We are convinced that Interserve plays a significant part in this mission, so we are glad to be able to give to Interserve as God enables.

We have made the personal choice to remember Interserve in our will. Through Jesus we have resurrection life in this world and eternal life unto all eternity. We therefore want to respond to God with giving sacrificially to mission both in this life and beyond the grave.”

Martin and Elizabeth Goldsmith spent ten years serving in Southeast Asia and have been very involved with All Nations Christian College based in Hertfordshire, UK. Together, they give talks and have written several books, including “Get a Grip on Mission: The Challenge of a Changing World

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