Friendship First

Building Christ-centered friendships with Muslims
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The Friendship First Course gives Christians the skills, confidence and resources to build Christ-centered friendships with Muslims.

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Friendship First consists of four 75-minute sessions with practical teaching, group discussion and personal stories.

The course aims to help Christians to build unconditional friendships with Muslim neighbours and colleagues, encouraging deeper understanding of one another’s faiths and cultures, sharing life, extending the love of Jesus through our words and actions, and building opportunities to bear sensitive Christian witness where appropriate.

The four sessions focus on:

  • Culture and Worldview
  • Basics of Islam
  • Everyday People
  • Sharing Good News

Friendship First is ideal for small, in-person groups, but it can also be facilitated in an online setting.

“I was buzzing after the course last night, it was so encouraging to see people discussing the issues raised with such interest. People were delighted with the evening, commenting that it was fun and had given them a lot to think about.”
Katy, Course Facilitator

More about the course

The Friendship First Course has been used by thousands of Christians around the world since 2012. It was originally put together by Tim Green, building on the work by Steve Bell in his manual of the same title, published in 2003.

The manual evolved to become a book in 2017. Friendship First: The Book is complimentary to the course and can be purchased separately. You can order the book here.

The course has been re-launched in 2023 with fresh videos to be more relevant for Christians today.

Friendship First prepares Christians with vision, confidence, skills and resources to make friends with Muslim people and to share their greatest gift of love which is Jesus Christ himself. The course is aimed at Christians who are thinking about engaging with their Muslim neighbours for the first time.

The sessions are hosted by a diverse group of presenters who all bring their different perspectives and experiences to the course.

This four session course is for believing Christians from all walks of life. It aims to give them:

  • A positive attitude towards their Muslim neighbours
  • An introduction to Islam and Muslim Cultures
  • Confidence, inspiration and the skills to make a start in personal friendship and witness

It can be used in home groups in local churches, other group settings or online. When you purchase the course you will receive a link to all the video content and PDFs for the Facilitator’s Guide and handouts.