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The Friendship First Course



The Friendship First Course is a four session video-based course with a varied mix of experienced speakers and personal stories, supported by learning activities and group discussion.

The course is ideal for smaller groups meeting in person, but it can also be adapted for larger groups and/or meeting online. It aims to help Christians to build unconditional friendships with Muslim neighbours and colleagues, encouraging a deeper understanding of one another's faiths and cultures, sharing life, extending the love of Jesus through our words and actions, and building opportunities to bear sensitive christian witness where appropriate.

The four sessions focus on:

  • Culture and Worldview
  • Basics of Islam
  • Everyday People
  • Sharing Good News

Please note that upon purchase you will receive a link via email to access the materials. Nothing physical will be sent to you.

Friendship First: The Book is complementary to the course and can be purchased separately. You can order the book here.

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