Reconciliation: the Creator and His World

‘I’ve always loved the ocean.   I became a Christian when I was about 15. It took me almost 10 years to understand and articulate how… Read More

Reconciliation through healing: mind, body and soul

I was only fourteen when I decided I was going to become a medical missionary. In my fourth year of medical school, when it was… Read More

Where there’s a will…

…there is an opportunity to make a difference! Making a will is not something that comes up in everyday conversation, yet… Read More

Coaching for the whole of life

A good football coach understands that they are not just coaching a game, but coaching life. They recognise the need to develop the whole player. Read More

My reaction

‘Laura, would you be happy to put something together in celebration of Dr Marjory Foyle’s 100th birthday?’ As my eyes scrolled through several email chains… Read More