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Whole-life ministry for the whole of life

By interserve
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    John and Mary have recently joined Interserve as Partners, knowing that Jesus still has plans to grow them and to bless others in the process.

    If our discipleship journey involves every part of who we are, then our following and serving must be for the whole length of our lives. Sixty five seemed a good point for John to be finishing his 14 years working as a church pastor, but we were not surprised when we sensed that God still had more for us to do.

    Our journey with Jesus together began as students some 47 years ago (I cannot believe I just wrote that!). As we shared our story with Interserve staff, we saw a way to serve as Partners in the season ahead. We realised that pastoral ministry had been part of something bigger in our lives. Similarly, although a new venture, partnership with Interserve had already been woven into our story. Before becoming a pastor, John had worked with Interserve for 20 years in a role that allowed him to journey alongside churches, candidates and Partners, as well as forming part of the leadership team.

    A seed-thought began to take root and grow. Could we be people that give time and space to listen, pray, share life and journey together with Partners to help them flourish where they are? One team, finding itself with limited time and increasing in-country demands, specifically asked for a newly retired couple to support the existing People Care provision. The possibility of visiting people to offer some external pastoral support was suggested for us, known as ‘mobile member-care’.

    Currently, we are ‘Partners awaiting placement’ not entirely sure how it will work or where. But as Christ-followers we are assured that because we love, worship and serve in and through the whole of our lives, God’s desire for us is that we are fruitful for the whole of our lives with Him. Jesus tells us that we can be like branches living in Him, the vine, abundant, growing to be like Him. Word and action are blended in ministry, we want to speak the Good News but also to be the Good News. This is something that we keep rediscovering in every season of our lives.

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    Your prayers make a difference! Thank you for praying to see transformation in the lives and communities of Asia & the Arab World.

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