Tributes to Richard Clark

Richard Clark

‘In June 2022, a number of family and friends, as well as Interserve people, past and present, came together in Milton Keynes to celebrate the life of former GBI National Director Richard Clark. Richard was a good leader. He had a servant heart, a keen desire to see people grow, was gifted in administration and had a love of the world.

I first met Richard at Istanbul Airport back in 2005 when I was a new Partner and I remember his warm welcome and keen interest in hearing about my life and experiences. I had no idea that, 20 years later, I would be doing his role! There is much to celebrate as we look back on Richard’s life, tinged with sadness that we have lost a good man. He ran the race well, right to the end.’

Chris Binder, National Director, Interserve GBI


‘We got to know Richard, Janice and family during Spring 1977 when we visited the BMMF Swanwick Prayer conference and were commissioned for work in South East Asia. The Clark family was on home leave from South East Asia and we met, shared and…became friends.

We express our thanks to God for the life and service of Richard in South East Asia and Interserve.

A strong and faithful servant of our Lord Jesus has passed away. We remember Richard and family with gratitude as a dear friend. We feel privileged to have been able to know him and have shared so much together.’

Eric*, Interserve Partner in South Asia (name changed)


‘From my very first day, Richard welcomed me, supported me, mentored me and occasionally chastised me for my mistakes, but always in a gracious and helpful way. Most of all though, I felt trusted, released to at least try to deliver in the role I had been called into. Having the ‘freedom to fly’ built my fragile confidence and was hugely impactful in my life going forward.

Richard was always available. His door, quite literally, was always ajar and I took advantage many times. Transitioning from the world of sporting journalism to international mission, particularly with a charity such as Interserve, with its rich heritage, required tuition. Richard was always there, cheering me on, tutoring me and building my confidence.’

Alastair McIver, former Interserve GBI staff member


Richard was famous for being good at details – this extended to his care of the people he led. Richard and Janice’s visits to Partners with their listening and kind conversations were greatly appreciated and I am so grateful for the way he encouraged me. Richard had a heart for detail as he listened, remembered and prayed. He was willing to keep listening and talking until all the details were there – someone told me of how he once came and met them at a motorway service area because he knew they were troubled about something, he was happy to spend as long as it needed – their conversation broke the 2-hour limit and he got a parking fine – the person mattered most to him.

So today we can rejoice in the privilege of sharing parts of our journeys with Richard, thankful for all that the LORD Jesus has done in him and through him knowing that, as Jesus said, it really is fruit that will last. Forever.

James*, current Interserve GBI Partner (name changed)