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Tears of Joy

By Amy Durrant
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    An Interserve Partner shares a recent story from their ministry:

    I am going to visit Marcus and Rachel, two friends of mine from the Middle East who have lived here as refugees for the last few years along with their five children. We also meet Sarah there. She is a young Middle Eastern woman of 20 years. My brother, visiting from our home country in Europe, comes along as well.

    After a delicious meal, my brother asks what everyone’s favourite Bible verses are. The Bibles are put on the table and everyone searches for their favourite texts. To our surprise, Sarah searches diligently as well. It’s one of the first times she has ever read from the Bible herself. After we all read out our favourite verses, I ask who wants to pray. Everyone does, including Sarah. She laughs a bit shyly and says that it is her first time praying in the name of Jesus. They take turns praying for us and for others. Sarah also prays, out loud. My brother finishes last with prayer.

    When we open our eyes again, Sarah is crying – as she says, tears of joy and gratitude. She firmly believes that the Bible contains the truth, and is visibly hungry for more. After this visit, we drive back to my house in great amazement and with deep gratitude.

    Thank you for commiting to praying

    Your prayers make a difference! Thank you for praying to see transformation in the lives and communities of Asia & the Arab World.

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