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Power of Prayer

By Guest
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  • Nearly ten years ago, we were visiting a rural village in SE Asia with some guests, and we were showing them one of our ministries’ community-sized clean water filtration systems in operation. These clean water systems are built with community involvement and ownership in mind, and each of these systems provides clean water for up to 100 families who would otherwise not have access to clean water. Typically, these community-sized clean systems are maintained by a few people in the village or a designated family. In this village, their clean water system was being well maintained by an older man named Stephen. 

    When visiting, Stephen is usually present to greet us and show us how their clean water system is doing. On this particular visit, Stephen was not in sight, and his wife asked Paul to come into their home to see her husband who was gravely ill after having a serious stroke. When Paul and one other member of our clean water team entered their home, they saw a weakened and pale Stephen laying on a woven mat on the floor in a darkened room surrounded by family who did not know if he would survive. He was covered with a thin blanket and was unable to move or talk. 

    After talking with Stephen’s wife and a few other family members, Paul asked if he could pray for Stephen in the name of Jesus. Everyone in the room agreed, and Paul prayed asking God to give healing and strength to Stephen, placing his request at the feet of our Lord. As he left their home, Paul felt saddened for Stephen and his family’s suffering; yet, thankful for the opportunity pray and profess the name of Jesus in a community who follow the majority religion of their nation. He left their home trusting in God, knowing the outcome was in his hands.  

    Our clean water team has continued to regularly visit this village. Recently, while visiting, a photo was taken of Stephen caring for his village’s clean water filtration system. This photograph was passed and shared around along with the joyful story of Stephen’s healing and recovery. It is a shared story of thanksgiving with Stephen, his family, his community, our clean water team, and us. This photo gave our team a time to rejoice and reflect on God’s goodness in making himself known in such a powerful way through prayer. Stephen has little use of one arm, but he can walk, talk, and continue to take good care of his village’s clean water system. In particular, Paul is reminded of the awesome power of prayer; through prayer we can trust in God as prayer is not limited to our own understanding, faith, or desired outcome. Please pray that through our shared joy and thanksgiving, we can clearly make known the author of Stephen’s life through continued meaningful Kingdom conversations and prayer. 

    *Names have been changed for security purposes. Paul is an ISV partner in SE Asia. 

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