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Partner Profile – Paul

By interserve
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  • Interserve Partners are people like you. You might be thinking about where Interserve Partners come from, what led them to Interserve, what they do in Interserve and what skills they use. Our Partner Profile series is here to help you find out more about our Partners and to help you in your journey of following the call on your life.

    What were you doing before you became an Interserve Partner?

    My wife and I worked as General Practitioners in Cardiff, where we had both trained.

    What led you to become an Interserve Partner?

    When I was 16 years old, I had a clear call from God to work as a doctor in contexts where Christian witness was not necessarily welcomed. That call was reaffirmed in different ways over a number of years.

    What did you do to prepare to become an Interserve Partner?

    We went through professional and theological training. We also visited different places cross-culturally to get a sense of where we might serve. Probably the most important preparation was learning to listen to God, grow in my relation to him and be obedient to what he was calling me day by day.

    What do you do, and what skills do you use as an Interserve Partner?

    I am the Executive Director of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. I use a life-time of experience and all kinds of skills since we are a small organisation and as a leader I have to be involved in a wide range of areas.

    What is the best thing about being an Interserve Partner?

    Over the years, the sense of being part of a community of like-minded people. It also helps us to function by channelling our support. We have appreciated that, whatever the ministry we are doing and wherever we are working, the Interserve community remains a constant feature.

    Are you interested in serving?

    There are opportunities for almost anyone to serve. We serve as Teachers, Operations Managers, Midwives, in friendship-building, sports coaches, serving the homeless, in maintenance, working with people who have been trafficked, IT technicians, counsellors, creation care, fundraising, media communications, vets – the list goes on!

    You bring your skills and experience and we will discern together what God is calling you to and where He is placing you.

    To find out more and start your journey click this link: Long Term – Interserve

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