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Opportunities to Serve: November 2022

By Dan Challis
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    Each month, we profile some current mission opportunities. Could one of these be right for you? Or how about sharing with someone you know?

    A full list of the opportunities available currently can be found at

    Services Director

    24 months+, Asia, Interserve Job ID 1707

    This organisation serves cross-cultural workers in Asia and around the world through Clinical Counseling Soul Care Training and Events.

    The Services Director is responsible for overseeing and developing the clinical counselling program including providing both clinical and personnel supervision of the clinical and soul care staff. S/he works together with the Executive Director to make decisions on clinical issues that affect the team.

    The Services Director must have at least five years of post-masters supervised clinical experience in a multidisciplinary mental health setting and be trained and licensed as a clinical mental health worker and supervisor of clinical counsellors. S/he will have good interpersonal and communication skills plus leadership and administrative experience as well as being able to work collaboratively and think globally.

    Refugee Worker

    1-11 months, Europe, Interserve Job ID 1744

    We are a non-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO). Currently our focus is on providing assistance to the many refugees arriving on our shores. The organisation is held in high esteem by the government and camp authorities. Providing shelter clothing and sanitation are just a few of the many ways in which we are privileged to serve in the camps.

    In a camp with many men and limited facilities women are often fearful and limited in their opportunities. The Women’s Community Engagement Programme seeks to provide a safe place and an opportunity for women to engage in extra activities that provide for basic needs through to skill development. The job role is to support the project coordinator in planning and executing process ensuring activities are executed on scheduled time and according to good practice.

    We need someone who is able to work independently is not afraid of making small decisions is proactive and enjoys organising and being with people and building relationships with women. The person should be creative and enjoy sharing her knowledge with other women. Computer skills such as Word and Excel and the ability to create flyers announcements and posters would be an advantage as would possession of a driving licence.

    General Surgeon

    1-24 months+, Asia, Interserve Job ID 225

    This 75-bed hospital serves the tribal people of the region. It has good operating rooms and is supported by a laboratory pharmacy x-ray and ultrasound facilities physiotherapy and mother/child healthcare departments.

    A qualified general surgeon is needed to perform a wide range of surgical procedures. He/she would also attend the outpatients clinic and consult with patients on general medical issues.

    A qualified general surgeon able to work in a remote and stressful environment is needed.

    To learn more about any of these mission opportunities, or to apply for any of these roles, email

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