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Opportunities to Serve: May 2023

By Dan Challis
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  • Each month, we profile some current mission opportunities. Could one of these be right for you? Or how about sharing with someone you know?

    A full list of the opportunities available currently can be found at

    Multimedia Coordinator

    2 – 24 months+, Asia, Interserve Job ID 1729

    We are an autonomous education board whose purpose is to provide high quality education fully informed by our Christian values and arising from our Christian roots. Our scope includes primary and secondary schools higher education and vocational professional and technical training for children regardless of race or creed and hostels for Christian children. The board is under the auspices of one of the national churches and is supported by other churches and organizations worldwide.

    The post holder will collaborate with management to develop and implement an effective communication and marketing strategy. They will work closely with the Executive Director to facilitate fundraising activities by providing success stories of beneficiaries including testimonials videos pictures and newsletters.They will manage the organizations social media profile and presence and be responsible for the proper record keeping of media material. They will monitor and update the website and maintain records of media coverage. They will be responsible for digital marketing content and assist with marketing campaigns as needed and will be responsible for the pre- and post-production of videos including script writing budgeting coordination with principals and multimedia staff video editing and releasing of videos.

    Social Worker

    2 – 24 months, Asia, Interserve Job ID 333

    This organization runs social and educational services for the community specifically helping women in crisis situations.

    The social worker will assist in development of social programs working with women in crisis situations and training local staff.

    The ideal candidate should have relevant qualifications and experience in social work.

    General Surgeon

    2 – 24 months, Asia, Interserve Job ID 225

    This 75-bed hospital serves the tribal people of the region. It has good operating rooms and is supported by a laboratory pharmacy x-ray and ultrasound facilities physiotherapy and mother/child healthcare departments.

    A qualified general surgeon is needed to perform a wide range of surgical procedures. He/she would also attend the outpatients clinic and consult with patients on general medical issues.

    A qualified general surgeon able to work in a remote and stressful environment is needed.

    To learn more about any of these mission opportunities, or to apply for any of these roles, email

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