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Opportunities to Serve: May 2022

By Dan Challis
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  • Each month, we profile some current mission opportunities. Could one of these be right for you? Or how about sharing with someone you know?

    A full list of the opportunities available currently can be found at

    Multimedia Co-ordinator

    Asia, 1 – 24 months+, Interserve Job ID 1729

    We are an autonomous education board whose purpose is to provide high quality education fully informed by our Christian values and arising from our Christian roots.

    We are looking for someone who will collaborate with management to develop and implement an effective communication and marketing strategy. They will work closely with the Executive Director to facilitate fundraising activities by providing success stories of beneficiaries including testimonials videos pictures and newsletters among other things.

    Services Manager

    Asia, 24 months+, Interserve Job ID 1707

    This organisation serves cross-cultural workers in Asia and around the world through Clinical Counseling Soul Care Training and Events.

    The Services Director is responsible for overseeing and developing the clinical counselling program including providing both clinical and personnel supervision of the clinical and soul care staff. S/he works together with the Executive Director to make decisions on clinical issues that affect the team.

    Music Teacher

    Asia, 12 months+, Interserve Job ID 1279

    This Christian school is located in the north of this country.

    They are in need of an experienced music teacher with a heart for teaching children. The school is equipped with musical instruments.

    To learn more about any of these mission opportunities, or to apply for any of these roles, email

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