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Opportunities to Serve: January 2023

By Dan Challis
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  • Each month, we profile some current mission opportunities. Could one of these be right for you? Or how about sharing with someone you know?

    A full list of the opportunities available currently can be found at

    Volunteer Coordinator

    1-24 months+, Arab World, Interserve Job ID 1123

    This learning centre is a safe place of learning (in English) for more than 350 refugee children from kindergarten up to Grade 8. Students are from over nine different African nations. It is here that students receive instruction in core subjects Christian education and character training have access to basic health care and are guaranteed a nutritious hot meal each day.

    A volunteer coordinator is needed to generate appropriate volunteer opportunities and role descriptions based on the needs presented by the teachers. The role involves recruiting volunteers and ensuring they are appropriately matched and trained for a position organising and providing orientation of the school and monitoring and recording the attendance of volunteers and their work.

    Business Production Advisor

    12-24 months, Asia, Interserve Job ID 1755

    Our company is passionate about creating employment for women at risk and survivors of trafficking. Through our not for profit affiliate we provide a path to employment to ensure that women and children never face the threat of human trafficking again. We provide safe and secure employment on site daycare facilities and wrap-around support allowing women to build bright futures for themselves and their children. Every day we observe the transforming power of hope and love through employment.

    We have a volunteer position and a visa available for someone who wants to use their experience and skills in business to help our company become a more stable and sustainable business with the potential to serve women at risk and survivors of trafficking for years to come.

    Internal Medicine doctors

    1-24 months+, Asia, Interserve Job ID 709

    Started as a community health and development project this organisation expanded to include a 150-bed hospital and now has training and research departments. A holistic health approach seeks spiritual physical social and emotional transformation.

    The hospital has a busy inpatient and outpatient medical department with outpatient visits and inpatient admissions. Patients are usually seen first by medical assistants and then by trainee doctors who consult senior doctors when needed. The hospital is looking for an experienced senior doctor for the long term or for a mature trainee for shorter periods to provide patient care and support the national staff ensuring quality service for the rural poor. A long-term doctor would help give clinical leadership to a team of 1 senior and 4-5 junior national doctors.

    To learn more about any of these mission opportunities, or to apply for any of these roles, email

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