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Medical student elective

By interserve
ProfessionMedical / Health
Duration1-11 months, Elective
Job ID892

A busy obstetric and gynaecological centre with paediatric inpatient care for neonates and infants and outpatient care for under 5s this 100-bed hospital gives government-recognised midwifery training to young women from the Christian community.

There are opportunities for medical midwifery and nursing students at the hospital to observe and participate in all functions of a physician commensurate with abilities. Observership is available in obstetrics gynaecology and neonatal paediatrics midwifery and paediatric nursing. Also opportunity for hands-on involvement.

Only female medical students are accepted due to the nature of the hospital. Junior Doctors with a few years experience particularly in paediatrics obstetrics and gynaecology would be particularly useful. Students should be sensitive to cultural constraints and willing to fit in with expat and national staff.

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