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By interserve
LocationArab World
Duration12-23 months, 2+ years
Job ID1753

The organisation is registered as a ministry of the Evangelical Fellowship.They work on empowering the community especially those who have fewer opportunities to live a life of dignityeconomically socially health-wise culturally and spirituallyand helping them to claim and obtain their human rights to ensure sustainable community development.

The organisation has 100 acres of land approximately 80 km from the capital city where they run a conference centre and workshops and raise cattle. Approximately 90 acres are given over to agricultural production and the sale of some of the products. The post holder will develop best practice in cattle raising and agricultural production and will support others in implementing it.

The post holder will have knowledge and some experience in this field. They will be willing to invest in learning Arabic. They will have good relational skills and be willing to learn from and listen to the local people. They will be pro-active and wise in suggesting ways of implementing new ideas.

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