Community Ministry Fund

Interserve GBI are launching a new fund to further invest in ministry among the peoples of Asia & the Arab World. Members of Interserve will be able to request funding for ministry. The fund will also invest in ministry among the peoples of Asia and the Arab World outside of Interserve GBI.

If a Partner needs to expand a project, if a church we are connected with wants to start a new cross-cultural ministry or if someone from South East Asia needs support to be able to serve: they will be able to apply for money from this fund.

We believe that this fund is going to help us to move towards becoming the community God is calling us to be. It’s going to enable us to invest more resources in ministry, helping us to see more transformation in lives and communities. Members of Interserve will be giving financially to resource to fund.

You can be part of this work too by contributing to the fund and praying for us as we seek to use our resources in the way God has called us for His purpose.

Contribute to the Community Ministry Fund!

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