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Prepare for mission

Even if you are not planning on going straight away, it doesn't mean that you can't still get involved. The time before you go and serve is important and whatever the reason that you can not go yet, there are things that you can do to make the most of this time. Here are 6 options that we believe may help you during this period.

1. Mentoring

Mentoring is when someone walks alongside you in an intentional relationship to empower, challenge and enable your development. By getting a suitable mentor you can benefit from wisdom, experience and an outside view into your plans and preparation. We encourage every Interserve Missionary to have one and finding one while you are still preparing is the best possible time. If you don't have one already or if you are looking for one who may have had some experience in mission then we can help to link you up. 

2. Mission in Great Britain

Serving in Great Britain is a brilliant option for you if you think that you may be involved in international mission in the future. Get your hands dirty and get stuck in. You will learn so much by serving cross-culturally in a nearby project.

3. Mobilise

How did you hear about mission? Do you remember? For most people the answer to that question comes in the shape of another person. We rely on others to inform and challenge us. This is how God mobilises people for mission. We are looking for people who can share, encourage and nurture others as they are starting their journey into mission.

4. Early advice

If you are considering a mission trip and want some advice about what it could look like, what the needs are and how to best prepare then we would love to help you. We can help to shape your preparation time to make it as fruitful as possible. We want to help to please take advantage of us and throw all your questions at us. Emails are welcome; chats over coffee are perfect. 

5.Prayer groups

When preparing for mission we have found that small steps like summer teams or serving in Great Britain help, but chatting and praying with others in the same situation is vital too. Your could join a prayer group of like-minded people who pray and chat. When you are eventually involved in missionary work, these are the groups that will be praying for you regularly and the work that you are doing. Why not pray for others while you are here!

6. Resources

Harry Truman famously said, '“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” We have lots of books and resources to help you in your missionary training. Check out our resource centre, Kitab »


If you are interested in any of these or just want to chat with someone about what the future could be like then get in touch today.