Do Mission Where You Are

Over the past year or so, I have seen friends fly off to China to work with orphans, go to Bolivia with Tearfund and go to Uganda to work with a non-profit organisation.

In the next few months, there’s a friend who is going to Romania to work in a kids camp, various people doing charity runs to raise money and support and a member of my church going on mission with Interserve!

That got me to thinking, what am I doing? Should I be booking flight tickets to go and serve in a foreign country?

However, I am reminded that everyone has a part to play in the Great Commission. We are all called to mission, but mission has developed from just being about flying on a plane.

“You don’t have to fly in an airplane to serve the poor.
Why not focus on seeking justice in your neighbourhood? Ask yourself, "If Jesus was here who would He be talking to?" The kid with disabilities who sits in the back at youth group? The Spanish-speaking man who cleans your office? The woman who collects cans in the local park? Ask God to give you eyes to see what He does. It might change your life.” –taken from Relevant magazine

Often we hear people say, “I’ll be happy when …” When…you find a job? Get married? Get a car? Get a house? Get that promotion? Win the lottery?

What’s stopping you from choosing to be happy, right now?

In the same way, God has placed you where you are right now, for a reason.

God can, and will use you right where you are. Ask Him to give you those opportunities.

If you are not called to go overseas, don’t be disheartened – God has an individual part for all of us, that complements our individual giftings.

You can be a goer, a prayer, a giver, or a supporter, but you can’t be all of them at once. Focus on where and what God has called to you to, right in this moment.

1 Corinthians 12:5 There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.

Rachel Lee is the Assistant Mission Mobiliser at Interserve, and is the newest member to join the team! She loves all things purple, pandas, working with youth and being a part of God's kingdom.