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Interserve is not only made up of staff, full-time partners and Associates. Anyone who is passionate about transforming the lives of Asian and Arab people through encounter with Jesus Christ can get involved and give what they can.

If you want to get involved, the best way to do that is to join our Connexions Network. The Connexions Network is a database of people passionate about reaching more people for Jesus who want to give their time and expertise.

Being part of the database means we can connect you with people you can help most. For example, if you live in Glasgow and have experience of working in Pakistan, that information will go into our database. When a church near you comes to us wanting to reach out to the Pakistani community on their doorstep, we will be able to easily connect you both, and you could be part of equipping a church to reach out in love to the community around them.

Or, if you are a church leader wanting to start a project to reach out to people in your area, we could connect you with other churches or community groups doing something similar.

Or you could offer your skills or time in another way which would be enjoyable and not time-consuming. You could:

  • share about mission at your church
  • write about an issue you are passionate about for our blog or Go Magazine
  • put on a course
  • chat with and encourage people considering mission over a coffee
  • take a group on a short trip to see and experience mission
  • share with people at universities or other local churches by being on a stand
  • find creative and new ways to encourage people to go, give, pray.


We believe that our Connexions Network will become a vital movement of people in seeing the people of Asia & the Arab World come back to God, locally and overseas. To find out how you can get involved. Get in touch.